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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontic service is more commonly known as “braces” in general public. Orthodontics aims to address aesthetic and/or therapeutic concerns regarding imperfect positioning of teeth.

Misaligned teeth are often associated with malocclusion where upper and lower jaws do not align properly when the mouth is closed. Malocclusion may hinder the ability to perform basic fundamental functions and could potentially cause speech and articulation impediment as well as discomfort when chewing. A number of oral health complications can also arise from malocclusion. Areas of crowding are more prone to plaque accumulation. Soft plaque will eventually solidify to tartar, and can lead to development of gum disease if regular dental scaling is not performed by the hygienist.

Orthodontic Treatment

Although there are a several types of orthodontic appliances available, the most common are the traditional wire braces and Invisalign.

Traditional Wire Braces

Traditional wire braces are metal braces where metal “brackets” are bonded to your teeth surfaces. This is the most common yet noticeable type of braces. Once metal brackets are bonded to your teeth using special bond, a metal wire will be placed to initiate movement of teeth towards their desired placement over a period of time. Length of time varies from patient to patient depending on the severity of teeth misalignment. Learn More


Invisalign has been out in the market since 1997 and has since gained its popularity due to the “invisibility” of the orthodontic appliance. An Invisalign treatment involves a set of aligners which are basically clear trays that promotes teeth movement; these aligners serve the same purpose as the wires used in the traditional metal braces. Learn More

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