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What is teeth extraction?

As the name suggests, extraction is simply having your tooth pulled out. Extraction procedure is very common for wisdom teeth, especially if wisdom teeth are growing out of alignment. This may cause painful discomfort and potentially cause negative impact such as malpositioning of the teeth which can be adjusted with an orthodontic procedure. Other indications for extraction include severely decayed tooth to an extent where neither the restorative procedure nor root canal therapy will help restore the integrity of damaged tooth.

Although some extractions may be classified as simple in which surgery is not necessary, complicated extractions may require surgical openings of the gum to ensure successful extraction. In extreme situations, you may be referred to an oral surgeon specialist to further benefit the success rate of the extraction procedure.

How many appointments?

Usually requires a single visit to the clinic. If stitches are placed after extractions, you may be required to come back to have the stitches removed. This will be a very short appointment as it will last 15 minutes, maximum.

What can I expect after extraction procedure?


It is normal to experience discomfort after your tooth/teeth has been removed. Discomfort will be greatest as soon as the anesthetic wears off. Duration of discomfort may vary depending on an individual; it may last as little as one day to 3 to 4 days, and will diminish each consecutive day. If painkillers are prescribed, it is advisable to take pills as soon as you feel discomfort as it will not be effective if you wait too long.


If you are noticing swelling, do not panic as this is very normal! You may notice swelling around 8 hours after the procedure, and it will be at its greatest at about 24 to 36 hours following the procedure. Although swelling will subside naturally over time, you can place an ice pack 20 minutes on and 10 minutes off for the first 12 hours to help reduce the amount of swelling. If swelling persists and notice increase in swelling after the second day, this may be an indication of infection. Please call us right away.


Although bleeding is a common occurrence, it should end less than an after post surgery. However, do not panic if you find blood in your saliva for the next 24 hours as this is not uncommon. We provide a pack of fresh gauze for you to take home, and you should bite down on it to put pressure on the surgical area. If you notice persistent bleeding at bedtime, you can add an extra pillow to keep your head elevated.

Anything I should avoid post operation?

  • Smoking will delay healing process, so it is highly advisable that you avoid smoking for at least 4-5 days post surgery
  • Avoid using mouthwash for at least 24 hours
  • Avoid hot beverage or alcoholic beverage for at least 4-5 days post surgery
  • Do not drink fluid out of a straw for at least 4-5 days as this will increase the risk of dry socket which is painful inflammation of the jawbone
  • Avoid spicy, crunchy food as they may irritate surgical area

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