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Oral Cancer Screening Examination

A thorough examination of your oral cavity is performed during oral cancer screening to detect signs of potential cancer and/ or other suspicious lesions.

Your hygienist at Saban Family Dental will perform a short, but thorough examination of oral cavity at your every dental hygiene appointment to ensure you receive highest quality of care.

A routine oral cancer screening is essential as not many patients are aware let alone educated that oral cancer screening is as important as more commonly known cancers such as breast and prostate cancer screenings. The hygienist will not only increase your awareness of oral-related cancer but will also provide education on how to perform self-assessment of oral cancer screening at home; being educated on self oral screening is especially important for individuals with high risks.

Intraoral examination:

Intraoral examination includes examining of soft tissues of the mouth, throat, tongue, and gums. Inner lips, inside of the cheeks, all sides of the tongue, roof of the mouth (palate), and throat is examined for any suspicious lesions that may suggest potential oral cancer.

Extraoral examination:

Outside of your oral cavity will also be assessed to detect any abnormal or suspicious findings. Extraoral assessment includes examination of the face, head, and neck. Lymph nodes are gently palpated by the hygienist to detect any enlarged nodes, and will be documented accordingly.

Primary Risk Factors

Tobacco and Alcohol

Research suggests that there is a significant link between oral cancer and tobacco and alcohol abuse. Chewing tobacco is found to increase risk of oral cancer compared to any other tobacco products because chewing tobacco allows nicotine to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through oral tissue.

HPV positive individuals

Due to compromised immune system, HPV infection is linked to oral cancers

Sun exposure

Lip cancer can be caused by excessive sun exposure


There is a linear relationship between age and oral cancer; risk increases with age


Individuals who lack greens and fibers in their diet have increased risk of oral cancer. A healthy, balanced diet is highly recommended to obtain optimal oral and general health.

Signs of oral cancer

Signs of oral cancer can be found anywhere in the mouth but are most commonly found, but not limited to, in these particular areas:

  • Floor of the mouth under the tongue
  • Roof of the mouth
  • Gums
  • Inside of the cheeks
  • Inner lips
  • Sides of the tongue
  • Oropharynx (throat area)

Oral cancer may be presented in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Lesions are not always painful which makes routinely oral cancer screening even more vital as painless lesions can often be ignored. Prompt diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer is essential to prevent advancement of cancer.

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