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Dental Hygiene Services

  1. Scaling
  2. Polishing
  3. Oral Hygiene Instruction/Education

Preventive Dental Care

Your optimal oral health is our number one priority here at Saban Family Dental. Preventive dental care will allow you to achieve optimal oral health and keep your natural teeth sound and functional throughout your lifetime.

Although there are different preventive measures to protect teeth from cavities and gums from infection, the most important preventive dental care is to have your teeth professionally scaled (commonly known as “dental cleaning”) biannually or every 3-4 months depending on the person’s oral health condition. Dental hygienist will effectively remove tartar build-up usually located in the gap between your gum and teeth using appropriate instruments.

Visiting your dentist and having your teeth cleaned by a hygienist will keep pathological bacteria growth in your oral cavity at minimal which, in turn, reduces the chance of developing gum disease/ infection or limit progression of gum disease/infection, if already present.


Fluoride is an excellent element that provides many dental benefits to both kids and adults. Not only does it strengthen your enamel, it is scientifically proven to be effective in preventing cavities.

Brushing Techniques

A number of different brushing techniques are available where different methods are recommended to be used in certain dental conditions.

Modified Bass

Ideal for individuals without gum recession. This method is effective in overall plaque removal, especially beneath the gum line. This method helps in controlling periodontal infections.

Modified Bass Technique:
  • A soft bristle brush is recommended as it is the most comfortable and safest choice for your gums
  • Place the bristles at 45 degree angle towards your gum line.
  • Move the bristle back and forth about 10 times, and as you are vibrating the bristle sweep the bristle downwards toward the chewing surface away from the gum line. Of course, if you are brushing bottom teeth, you should be sweeping in an upward motion.
  • Repeat this for each tooth (outer and inner surfaces)
  • For the front teeth, hold the brush so that the bristles are in a vertical position. Move up and down strokes for both outer and inner surface of the front teeth
  • For chewing surfaces, brush in a scrubbing motion
  • Make sure to brush your tongue to remove odor-causing bacteria
Modified Stillman

Often indicated for those with gingival recession (also known as gum recession), this method not only provides gum stimulation but also is known to be effective for plaque removal from the gum line. This method helps in maintenance of periodontal diseases.

Modified Stillman Technique:
  • A soft bristle brush is recommended as it is the most comfortable and safest choice for your gums
  • Place the bristles at 45 degrees angle towards your gum line. This utilizes similar method as a modified Bass, except that half of the bristle should cover the gums (as if you are massaging the gums) and the remaining half should cover the tooth
  • Move the bristle back and forth about 10 times, and as you are vibrating the bristle, press and sweep the bristle downwards toward the chewing surface, away from the gum line. For bottom teeth, you should press and roll upwards.

Also known as circular brushing technique, this is the simplest method of brushing which makes it most ideal for kids to perform on a daily basis. It is, however, the least effective brushing technique. Children’s brushing technique should be switched to either modified Bass or modified Stillman technique once they develop dexterity.

Fone’s Technique:
  • Unlike modified Bass and modified Stillman techniques where mouth should be slightly open while brushing, brushing can be done while having your teeth closed when performing Fone’s technique.
  • Place the bristle on a set of teeth then start brushing in a wide circular motion to cover both bottom and top teeth. Move to the next set of teeth until all of your teeth are thoroughly brushed
  • Scrubbing motion can be used to brush chewing surfaces, and don’t forget inside of your teeth!

How To Floss

Flossing is an essential part of the tooth cleaning process because it removes the plaque from between teeth and just below the gum-line.

“C-Shape” Flossing Technique:

  • Pull about an arm length of dental floss (approximately 30cm)
  • Wrap the ends of the floss around middle fingers of each hand
  • Hold the floss with index fingers and thumbs for a proper grip of the floss.
  • Use index fingers to guide the floss.
  • Gently slide the floss in between two teeth using a zig-zag motion; do NOT snap the floss between your teeth as this will damage your gums.
  • Form a “C-shape” while sliding the floss below the gum line, contouring the floss around the side of the tooth
  • Repeat for each tooth using clean section of the floss each time

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