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Bad Breath

Causes of bad breath

Bad breath can be caused by different factors such as poor dental hygiene, untreated dental problems, tobacco use, dry mouth, or due to systemic disease. Poor oral hygiene and untreated dental problems create desirable environment for bacteria to grow and accumulate. Bad breath becomes noticeable once volatile sulfur compounds are released by bacteria as byproduct.

How to prevent/ treat bad breath

To prevent bad breath, keeping up with your daily oral hygiene is key: brush twice daily for 2 minutes each time. Don’t forget to brush your tongue as well, as there are tiny hair-like extensions on your tongue to trap bacteria and promote growth. It is best to start on one side of the tongue, rinse, and then repeat for the rest of the surface.

Flossing everyday will also help with bad breath as flossing removes food particles stuck in between teeth. If you have cavities, it is best to follow through with the personalized treatment plan provided by the dentist. If related to systemic disease, it is advisable to seek your physician.

Dental aids for bad breath

Tongue cleaner is a great dental aid to remove bacterial buildup on your tongue. Not only is it quick and easy to use, it is scientifically known to be effective as well.

Mouthwash is great for fighting bad breath. Make sure to choose a mouthwash containing antibacterial agents – this provides therapeutic effect where it works to significantly reduce the number of bacteria present in your mouth.

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