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What are bridges and crowns?


A bridge is another alternative prosthetic to replace one or more missing teeth. This procedure is considered relatively cheaper than dental implants as dental implants involve more invasive procedure and functions exactly like the natural tooth. Adjacent teeth of the missing tooth are involved in a bridge whereas dental implant does not involve any other tooth other than to replace the missing tooth.


A crown is a prosthetic “cap” that is placed over a damaged tooth. A crown is usually required after an endodontic treatment (also commonly known as root canal therapy/ treatment) as the structure of natural tooth is compromised during the procedure. Not only does crown provide strength, it mimics the appearance of your natural teeth, thus it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

How is this done?


To prepare a bridge, two adjacent teeth that are on either side of the missing tooth are reshaped. This is done in order to place bridges on each tooth, which will act as an anchor and provide support to the crown (called a pontic) that is to replace the gap from missing tooth. A bridge procedure will require two separate visits to the dental office: the first appointment is mainly involved in taking impressions and preparation of teeth for the bridge and the following appointment is to permanently cement the bridge. Impressions are taken to be sent out to a laboratory for the actual bridge to be fabricated. As there are many options in terms of the shade and material of the bridge, you can come to a decision with the dentist that meets with your needs and desires. It takes approximately one to two weeks for the laboratory technicians to create a customized bridge.


Preparation for a crown is similar to a bridge procedure where two separate visits are required. On the first visit, the tooth in target will be carefully reshaped, and impressions will be taken to be sent out to the lab for the final fabrication of the crown. A temporary crown will be placed by the end of the first appointment. This crown preparation appointment takes approximately one hour and thirty minutes. You will be required to come back to the office in one to two weeks for the final crown cementation; the length of your second visit will be relatively shorter than your first. Your temporary crown that was placed at the end of first appointment will be replaced with customized permanent crown. Prior to cementing the crown, the dentist will examine its fit to ensure it is the perfect fit and that there is no discomfort. Crowns are known for their durability, so it usually lasts 10-15 years, if not more!


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