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Sports Mouth Guards

What is a sports mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a thick protective dental appliance that covers and protects your gums and teeth from injuries that may occur from competitive or non-competitive athletic sports such as hockey, rugby, and basketball. Common contact sport-related injuries include dental traumas such as fractures and tooth avulsion (commonly called “knocked out” tooth).

Sports mouth guard vs. night guard

A mouth guard serves a similar function as a night guard in a sense that they both function as “cushions” to protect teeth from being damaged.  A mouth guard is fabricated from a thicker material to absorb shock and hard impacts most efficiently. Although night guards are fabricated from relatively softer material compared to sports mouth guards, they are still strong and durable enough to serve its purpose: to absorb forces exerted on teeth upon nighttime clenching and grinding. Another major difference between the two is that night guards cover only the teeth portion including the chewing surfaces whereas sports mouth guards fully cover both teeth and gums to protect your entire oral cavity.

Who needs a mouth guard?

Similar to a night guard, a sports mouth guard is a protective dental appliance that protects your teeth and gums from external physical forces. The most ideal candidates for sports mouth guards are those who play contact sports whether competitively or non-competitively. Since many studies and statistics reveal significantly reduced rate of contact sports-related dental injuries when a sports mouth guard is worn, dentists highly recommend sports mouth guards as a preventive measure.

Sports mouth guard procedure?

Once the dentist determines your need for a sports mouth guard as protection from contact sport-related injuries, the procedure for fabrication of a sports mouth guard is the same as a night guard. Two visits in total will be required: impressions at the time of your first visit, and another visit for fitting of the sports mouth guard.

If you are experiencing any discomfort after taking the final sports mouth guard home, please do not hesitate to call the office for adjustments to be made by the dentist.

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