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What Is Teeth & Gum Contouring?

Re-construction of the shape of your teeth and/or gums to improve overall appearance of your smile. This is often considered a cosmetic procedure to enhance one’s aesthetic appearance. However, gum contouring is sometimes indicated as a part of periodontal procedure, and is considered necessary for those who have deep pocket depths, and/or in need of crown lengthening. Deep pocket depths are associated with periodontal disease in which tissues of gums are involved. If not treated, there is an increased risk of tooth/teeth loss from advanced tissue and bone destruction.

Initial consultation is highly recommended for both of the procedures. Give us a call today for your free consultation!

How Is Teeth & Gum Contouring Done?

Teeth contouring

Whether you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile due to uneven appearance of teeth or front teeth are fractured or chipped from external factors, teeth contouring procedure is a cost-effective approach to help achieve your desired smile. Targeted teeth are essentially “filed down” to fix slightly chipped teeth, or to sculpt the shape of your teeth. It can be sculpted to your desired shape and size; edges can either be rounded or squared, depending on your personal preference. This is usually a painless procedure but may require anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. This procedure can be completed within one appointment.

Teeth contouring may or may not be performed in conjunction with bonding. Bonding is required, however, if the tooth has been significantly chipped beyond the simple repair of a contouring procedure.


Bonding is required if a tooth is largely fractured, and a significant amount of tooth structure has been chipped off. Similar to simple contouring, bonding procedure also requires removal of tooth enamel to prepare the tooth before a resin – which is plastic material – is glued to the targeted tooth.

Gum contouring

Gum contouring procedure is often performed to correct “gummy" smiles. If the gums are covering a large portion of crowns of your teeth, this “excess” part of the gum can be surgically removed to lengthen the appearance of the crowns. This is also considered a cosmetic treatment if the goal is strictly to enhance the appearance of your smile. This may be considered a part of periodontal treatment if overgrowth of the gum tissues results in excessive plaque buildup, which could potentially lead to development of periodontal disease.

Gum contouring procedure requires local anesthetic to maximize your comfort during the procedure. Once desired gum line has been decided between the patient and the dentist upon initial consultation, gums will essentially be surgically removed to achieve your desired appearance. This procedure can be done within a single visit to the dentist, and recovery time can range between a few days or weeks.

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